Muscles and sweat! These are the two key factors to CrossCamp classes at Lady Fitness in Layton. For an intense workout with great results, attend CrossCamp and feel the burn. Your instructor will incorporate routines into your Layton boot camp class that work major muscles in the lower and upper body. Feel the sweat drip down and the fat burn away as you punch, kick, squat, push, and grunt your way through these unique classes. CrossCamp is an effective Layton boot camp class in part because instructors put together a different workout every time. With each class, you’ll overcome new challenges and leave feeling proud of all the calories you burned.

These Layton boot camp classes also incorporate a variety of workout equipment, including jump ropes, dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, barbells, bender balls, and many other pieces. As you work through your CrossCamp class, you never have to feel shy or discouraged, because our fitness classes are women only. Lady Fitness values your privacy and confidence more than any other gym, and we want you to feel pumped while you work out! Don’t just join a gym, join a fitness community with Lady Fitness.