Escape into the rhythm of the group, pumping your feet, pedaling to the music, breathing through fiery muscles, and enjoying the ride. Cycling classes at Lady Fitness aren’t just a bunch of women on stationary bikes. Cycling classes are an exercise experience built around your personal fitness goals. Join likeminded women who appreciate endurance exercise and the dynamic nature of cycling classes in Layton at Lady Fitness. Your cycling instructor will build a different workout every time because she understands that changing the pace can make things more interesting. Work your way through a series of hills, mountain peaks, valleys, and other scenery as you jam out to invigorating music.

Layton area cycling classes with Lady Fitness are for all ages and body types! These classes are low impact since participants are on a spinning machine the entire time. Interval training exercises like spinning help your body burn away fat even after you leave the gym! So go ahead, lose yourself in the music and discover the inner athlete within with Layton area spinning classes at Lady Fitness.