HIGH Fitness

Working out shouldn’t be a drag. Get lost in the music with HIGH Fitness classes at the Lady Fitness Layton location. HIGH Fitness combines hardcore interval training with easy-to-follow choreography for a great cardio experience. Jam out to the pop songs you know and love while also burning calories! HIGH Fitness also incorporates plyometrics into your workout, fully utilizing your muscles and building core strength. Participants of HIGH Fitness classes appreciate their simplicity and consistency, thanks to specific choreography developed for every song.

From day one, the catchy tunes and friendly instructors will keep you coming back to every HIGH Fitness class. Before you know it, you’ll start seeing results. The class is built around interval fitness training, which actively burns away calories while also strengthening muscles. No wonder the HIGH Fitness choreographers describe it as “Body Sculpting Fun!” Contact the Lady Fitness location in Layton today to find out more about HIGH Fitness classes taught by Diosa and Tara.