People who take the INSANITY class in Layton at Lady Fitness are from all backgrounds of fitness. The class is built around a maximum calorie and fat burning workout with athletic drills and plyometric routines. Work your muscles to their full potential with every INSANITY fitness class at the Layton location of Lady Fitness.

INSANITY uses max interval training exercises to push you past your limits in core training, power drills, and resistance circuits. Exercise levels are provided for every body type, meaning there’s no reason to feel intimidated or discouraged when you’re trying out INSANITY classes in Layton at Lady Fitness. Classes are taught by Stephanie, who will you on your mission to build muscles and banish calories.

Plyometric exercises with INSANITY mean you work your muscles in short intense cardio bursts of one to three minutes, and then tone them at a slower pace. By combining intense (but also low impact) exercise bursts with slower toning, your body responds with maximum fat burning. For more information about our Layton INSANITY classes, or to find out about our free trial, contact Lady Fitness today!