This is no ballerina class. LeBARRE is a dance-inspired workout without choreography or pink tights. A barre class in Layton with Lady Fitness takes the intense muscle toning and agility training of traditional ballet and puts it in a casual fitness setting. Each participant gets their own bar system that they use to exercise core muscle groups, including the calves, gluts, core, and biceps. Work on your sense of balance, which contributes to your overall sense of strength and endurance in all workout settings. The LeBARRE barre class in Layton allows you to increase your body awareness and try dynamic moves upside down, sideways, and every other which way!

These barre classes at our Layton location are low impact, meaning your muscle mass increases without straining joints or ligaments. Barre workouts in Layton will get your heart pumping and the sweat flowing as you learn how to use the Equalizer bar system and balance your way to a stronger you!