Engage your muscles in a challenging combination of resistance, agility, and balance training. Inspired by dance and created for everyone, LeBarre exercises your whole body with the Equalizer bar system. Discover your own strength and build your muscular endurance as your work your legs, abs, and everything in between at our West Haven barre classes.

Women participating in West Haven area barre classes need not worry about keeping up with complicated dance moves or competing for recognition. Your barre dance instructor, Stacy, will keep you encouraged through every exercise. These classes at Lady Fitness aim to help women feel confident in their ability to work hard and get stronger!

While taking your West Haven area barre class, you will learn more about your body’s unique needs. With LeBarre, joints and ligaments are never strained at the expense of gaining muscle mass. You can feel safe and confident in your workout thanks to the positive atmosphere and all woman environment at Lady Fitness.

Find out more about West Haven area barre classes by signing up for a free 14-day trial. We’re excited to help you maintain your health.