With pilates classes in Layton at Lady Fitness, women receive a balanced workout that engages the mind and reduces stress. The major elements of pilates include improving flexibility, breathing, and strength. Your Layton pilates instructor will help you simultaneously tone and loosen tight muscles with a series of specific exercises that will change and rotate with every class.

Pilates takes a holistic approach to your overall health, building upon your sense of balance and self to help you feel better every day. It emphasizes building muscles gradually, without stressing or overworking them. By taking a continuous and integrated approach to your workout, you can stabilize your core and feel confident in your overall wellbeing. Pilates classes at the Lady Fitness Layton location require a yoga mat, which the gym can provide for the duration of the class. Your instructor will be Teresa, who will ensure that you only do poses based on your body type and experience with pilates. All are welcome at our Layton pilates classes, so we hope you will try out this exciting and refreshing workout at Lady Fitness.