Yoga classes from Lady Fitness in Layton, West Haven, and Pleasant View provide the means for people of any age not only to get and stay in shape, but also to develop balance, coordination and a sense of centeredness. Yoga renews, invigorates and heals the body - stretching and toning the muscles, joints and spine and directing blood and oxygen to the internal organs.

EVERYONE CAN DO YOGA. Yoga is a gentle way of expanding your body, mind and spirit. As you get older, you are less flexible. Your bones and ligaments don't move as much. Injuries take longer to heal and you don't feel as well. The more flexible your body, the better able it is to withstand physical (as well as emotional) stress. Yoga classes in Layton, West Haven, and Pleasant View also provide your body with greater ability to heal itself.

The mental benefits of Yoga are: 
it increases body awareness; relieves chronic stress patterns in the body; refreshes the body by relieving muscle strain; relaxes the mind and body; centers attention; sharpens concentration; and frees the spirit.

All of Lady Fitness' Yoga instructors in Layton, West Haven, and Pleasant View are certified and knowledgeable. They will create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere for your Yoga experience.