About Lady Fitness

Our History

Lady Fitness first opened its doors in Layton, Utah in 1997. It was such a huge success that a second location was opened in Pleasant View, Utah in 2001. Lady Fitness became the top female only gym in Layton and Pleasant View, and a third location opened in West Haven, Utah in 2006. Lady Fitness continues to be a leading force in the fitness industry helping women of all shapes and sizes, all ages and all fitness levels achieve their personal path to well-being.

Our Mission

At Lady Fitness, we strive everyday to support and empower women to change their lives through fitness and education with our comprehensive facilities and women's fitness classes in Pleasant View, and West Haven. We do this by focusing on building relationships with you, our members, and by providing the highest quality of service through the most knowledgeable staff.

Our Female Only Gyms & Fitness Classes

Our two centers are efficient, well equipped and well planned women’s facilities. We have gone to great lengths to cater to the specific fitness needs of women. Each location offers weight training equipment, cardiovascular equipment, a certified aerobic studio with group fitness classes, and a child care center on premise. We are truly committed to helping women reach their fitness goals.

Women who seek a female only gym are usually looking for something different. They want the privacy of an all women environment and professional employees who understand their unique fitness needs. It is truly their time and their space. Lady Fitness is a unique health club dedicated to offering a private and comfortable setting in which women of all ages can best develop and achieve their personal path to well-being. To us, a place to escape and time to focus on women's’ needs is just as important as fitness itself.