Becky’s Journey

I started my weight loss journey in Feb. 2017.  I have been on the journey many times, and in many ways, but have never met my goal until now!  I was determined to make it happen this time.  My doctor told me he was putting me on insulin if I didn’t do something.  My A1C was 13, which is BAD!  After some tears, and soul searching, I changed my mind set, and got to work.

 At first I just made food changes.  Then I started walking.  Finally, I decided I needed more help to reach my goal, so I joined Lady Fitness.  I loved the help I received on using the equipment, and what to do when I came in.  Then I tried the Nutrifit Class.  I am not a class person, but I really liked the small group, and the nutrition help combined with the fitness.  I signed up!  Rachel helped me figure out my Macros, and helped me make adjustments as I hit plateaus.  She knew that my goal was to lose a total of 80 pounds, and do it by the time my husband and I went to Hawaii.  My husband and I had planned this trip for about a year, and I wanted to be at goal by then. 

A week before the trip, I had my last weigh in.  I had reached my goal, and lost a total of 80 pounds.  This was in May, so it took 15 months, but was worth it!  This summer my husband and I have gone hiking, kayaking, and I have gone from walking 2 or 3 miles to walking 5 miles at a time, with a little bit of jogging too.  I don’t run!  I have continued coming to the gym two or three times a week to help with strength training.  I am also continuing with Nutrifit.  I will be having surgery for a hernia and on both feet in a couple of months.  Rachel will help me make adjustment to my macros while I am down for a couple of months.

I have learned so much, and feel so much better.  I can do things that I haven’t been able to do for a long time.  I have gone from a size 22W to a 10.  My new goal is to lose 10 more pounds, and be out of double digits.  I know with the help of Rachel and the other wonderful people at Lady Fitness I can do it.  It is well worth the investment!