Every CrossCamp class brings new challenges and exciting new fitness routines. Never get bored with fitness when you experience our intense, full body workouts in a variety of aerobics and weight lifting regimes. Fat will melt off your body as you participate in cardio exercises with everything from jump ropes to dumbbells. All of the muscles in your body are targeted—helping build your endurance and strength with every squat, kick, jab, and jump.

Your West Haven boot camp instructors are Teresa, Jenny, and Diana. They will guide you through every workout, ensuring your success and safety during the tougher exercises. Lady Fitness wants you to leave every CrossCamp class feeling pumped! As the calories melt away, you will notice an improvement in your endurance and strength with every passing class. With CrossCamp incorporated into your weekly routine, you’ll start to crave those post exercise endorphins and the pride that comes after a tough workout.

Find out more about boot camp classes and other fitness opportunities in West Haven. Try Lady Fitness with a 14-day free trial and join an all-female community built around your health and happiness.