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Spin classes in Pleasant View at Lady Fitness bring together all the benefits of exercise without impacting your knees or ankles. If you have sensitive joint areas, our Pleasant View cycling classes allow you to get a great workout without causing any damage. Build up your leg strength and grow your endurance with each passing spin class. As you adjust to the rhythm of Pleasant View area spin classes, you will lose yourself in the ride as you push through mountain peaks and speed through valleys.

Your Pleasant View spin instructors are Candace and Suzy—they are there to ensure that each class is enjoyable and effective for your fitness needs. Unlike other group classes with choreography and specific moves or poses, Pleasant View cycling classes are as simple as hopping on a stationary bike and pedaling. Women in our classes never feel guilty for not being able to keep up, because everyone pedals at their own pace. Spinning is for everyone, and it works! Burn away lingering calories and body fat, as you increase your aerobic endurance.

Find out more about our Pleasant View spinning and cycling classes by trying one out with a free 14-day trial!