HIGH Fitness

Get inspired in your fitness routine with HIGH Fitness classes for women at Lady Fitness!  This active class brings together choreography and intense cardio to help women have fun and burn some calories.  The workout is built around plyometric interval training, which means intense bursts of movement followed by slower toning tracks.  Your instructor is experienced in teaching students the simple, effective moves of each HIGH Fitness class, which uses consistent routines across the United States.

The fun music of HIGH Fitness classes will motivate you to get moving even when you're tired.  Every class burns fat and builds muscles across your entire body.  This class is designed for all fitness levels-your instructor will always offer alternative moves for your workout needs.

HIGH Fitness classes stand out because the creators designed each dance around a specific combination of sweat inducing aerobics and muscle toning cool downs.  This combination of plyometrics and body resistance keeps you active an engaged through the entire workout.  Your fitness instructors are excited to show you through the steps of this popular new fitness class.