Insanity will help you challenge your limits and rapidly burn off lingering fat. This intense cardio class is built around strength training without the use of weights or other equipment. Use the natural resistance of your own body during Pleasant View area Insanity classes to maximize your workout and increase your personal endurance.

Teresa is the instructor for Insanity classes in Pleasant View at Lady Fitness. She is experienced in helping women with all body types try out Insanity at their own pace and speed. While Insanity encourages you to work hard, this fitness class is built for your health and enjoyment, meaning you can experience Insanity workouts at your own personal level.

By combining fast-paced bursts of fitness with slower toning elements, Insanity uses proven plyometric training to affect maximum calorie burn. Exercise your entire body, from calves to core to arms, in just one class. To find out more about Insanity classes in Pleasant View at Lady Fitness, experience one with a free 14-day gym trial.