Kettlebell AMPD

Kettlebells present a unique workout challenge for all fitness levels. These round weights are made of cast iron and work the muscles to their full ability. Our Pleasant View kettlebell class is broken down into specific areas of the body to ensure a safe and effective workout experience. Burn away lingering fat by exercising your core, arms and legs with a combination of active cardio movements and focused muscle reps. Our Pleasant View kettlebell training is built on providing simple moves with maximum calorie burning impact. Randi and Lynette, your Pleasant View kettlebell instructors, will monitor your movements to ensure you are safely applying the correct techniques.

Each kettlebell training class is accompanied by engaging music that will help you keep pace with the rhythm of your workout. With regular attendance to kettlebell classes in Pleasant View, you will build endurance and grow your muscle mass. As a positive environment designed for the privacy and comfort of each member, Lady Fitness wants to help you find your favorite workout routine. Find out if kettlebell classes are right for you with a free 14-day trial at our all female gym in Pleasant View!