Feel the pounds melt away as you punch, hook, jab, and kick your way to a stronger you! Our kickboxing classes for women in West Haven are designed around building endurance and burning calories. This fast-paced cardio workout helps women achieve their fitness goals and gain familiarity with their bodies.

Kickboxing is primarily comprised of rapid movements against a stagnant target with a variety of martial arts inspired regimes that work the abs, legs, and arms. Your West Haven kickboxing instructor, Karriane, will guide you through these aerobic moves and encourage you to work hard!

While kickboxing might just seem like a series of powerful energy bursts, it’s also a deliberate system of balance control and agility exercise. Women who participate in our West Haven area kickboxing classes gain a greater understanding of their flexibility, breathing, and movements. At Lady Fitness in West Haven, we emphasize a total approach to health, from positive thinking to feeling confident in your body.

To find out more about our West Haven area kickboxing classes and about our free 14 day trial membership, call Lady Fitness at (801) 731-0289.