Kickboxing is an excellent way to work through the day’s frustrations and improve your aerobic fitness! Members at Lady Fitness in Pleasant View love our kickboxing classes for women because they provide them with a high intensity exercise outlet without any specific choreography. Through plyometric “bursts” of energy, a kickboxer strengthens their muscles and burns away lingering fat cells. Repetitive kicks, jabs, and punches at a fast pace help participants familiarize themselves with their unique style of coordination and balance.

While kickboxing classes at our Pleasant View location may seem straightforward, they also combine elements of boxing and martial arts to ensure that a trainee gets a full fitness experience. These age-old training regimes are proven strategies for allowing a person to synchronize their movements with their body type.

Because our kickboxing classes in Pleasant View are at a women only gym, you never need to feel intimidated or doubtful of your abilities! Lady Fitness fosters a positive community to help all women improve their personal health and feel great about their selves.