The human body needs a holistic approach to wellness that involves stress relief and positive thinking in addition to exercise. Pilates classes in West Haven at Lady Fitness will balance your commitment to burning calories with a commitment to your mental health. With alternative poses designed for every body types, all fitness levels are welcome at our West Haven area pilates classes. Darlene, your instructor, truly cares about your holistic health and bringing you a positive workout in a comfortable space.

Pilates will also help you build leaner, longer muscles across the entire body. Practice a series of gradually more intense toning poses that increase your personal body awareness. Familiarize yourself with balance and breathing control so you can feel confident and relaxed when you work out. If you participate in high intensity cardio workouts, pilates classes in West Haven are the perfect opportunity to train muscles and ensure flexibility.

The best way to learn more about our West Haven pilates classes is by taking one! Come by Lady Fitness for a free 14-day trial.