Pilates takes a holistic approach to flexibility and strength training, ensuring that your fitness regimen is balanced and productive. A pilates class in Pleasant View at Lady Fitness will work with every aspect of your body’s health, from your personal stress levels to your injuries to your balance skills. This workout is intended for all levels of fitness, meaning your Pleasant View pilates instructors will always present you with an alternative pose when needed.

Regular pilates classes at Lady Fitness will help you develop long, lean muscles that can handle high stress and keep you more coordinated. Darlene, your local Pleasant View pilates instructor, will teach you a variety of breathing and posture techniques to apply to daily life. By incorporating wellness and fitness into your regular routine with pilates, you are investing in your own longevity and happiness.

Come on by Lady Fitness in Pleasant View to find out more about our pilates class! We offer free 14-day trials so you can try out our all women gym and enjoy our comfortable, positive environment.