Pound classes in West Haven at Lady Fitness are for people who love to rock! Get your heart pumping and your body moving by drumming to the music with weighted drumsticks. This unique form of strength training works the muscles in your core, arms, and legs for a whole body exercise. But you might not even notice the sweat flowing, because you’ll have too much fun losing yourself in the music!

Pound classes in West Haven at Lady Fitness are for all body types and fitness levels. With a combination of yoga, pilates, and cardio, Pound classes bring together all the best moves from your favorite workouts into an engaging, interval-based, calorie-burning fitness routine.

Pound encourages an alternate approach to exercise, allowing its participants to let loose and enjoy their movements. If you’re looking for an option to burn fat without the constant mental exhaustion and rep counting, consider Pound classes in West Haven at Lady Fitness! Free trials are available at our all women gym, allowing you to try out this awesome class and our other group fitness opportunities.