Much of the time, fitness requires mental resolve as you work through challenging repetitions and time yourself through resistance holds. This high level of focus can exhaust you and make exercise seem like a daunting hurdle. But with Pound classes in Pleasant View at Lady Fitness, you aren’t counting or overcoming mental hurdles. Instead, you’re rocking out!

Each participant of Pound wields a neon green pair of lightly weighted Ripstix. They drum these sticks to the beat of fast-paced music, losing their self in the rhythm of the song. As they tap, beat, and thud, they are also rapidly burning away calories and toning muscles across the body. Your Pleasant View Pound instructors Natalie and Carrie will guide you through each movement with simple and straightforward choreography.

Lady Fitness fosters a positive workout environment in every class. Pound is offered as a fun and engaging way to exercise for all of our members in the Pleasant View area. If you’re new to Pound, try out a free 14-day trial at Lady Fitness to discover this engaging group class!