Summer Slimdown 5 Week Challenge

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Learn WHAT TO EAT and HOW TO EAT IT! The Lady Fitness Summer Slimdown Challenge will transform your body and the way you see nutrition forever.  This is not a short term, low calorie diet, this is a lifestyle change that will educate you on how to exercise smarter and fuel your body to burn fat and build the body you’ve always wanted.  You could win some pretty sweet swag.....even up to $500 cash!! (Registration deadline: July 7th.  Cost $59)



1-    Employees of Lady Fitness may participate but are not eligible to win any prizes.  Not required to pay entry fee.

2-    Previous participants may compete again.  Previous Grand prize winners not eligible for prizes.

3-    All contestants must sign a Code of Conduct Contract.

4-    No HCG, chemical diets, prescription diets, OTC diets, cleanses, sauna suits or weight loss surgeries allowed.  No extreme diets.

5-    Anyone losing more than 8 pounds per week on two consecutive weeks or four non-consecutive weeks will be disqualified.

6-    Any health problems or heart conditions will need a medical release form to participate.  All participants must complete a PAR-Q form.


1-    Lady Fitness Certified Personal Trainers will serve as team leaders.  All trainers will have the same information to provide to their participants at the weekly meetings. Weekly meetings are one-hour only. 

2-    Team Trainers can give eating suggestions and workout suggestions but are limited to holding only one group meeting class a week.  Your trainer is available for moral support, advice and questions by text or email.

3-    Workout, Sleep, and Food journal is mandatory.  We us My Fitness Pal.


1-    All Weight loss prizes will be determined by % of weight lost. You must send video of you being weighed each week on the same day of each week determined by your trainer, no exceptions.  Form fitting clothing must be worn, no shoes, and you must be able to roll up your pant legs. 

2-    All point prizes are counted by trainer. Points are tracked with food logging journals.  Trainer tallies are final.  Full weeks logging must be completed within 24 hours of team meeting. 

3-    You can miss one Team meetings and still qualify for the grand prize. You must weigh in each week on your scheduled day or this will count for one of your one allowed misses.

4-    You will need to send in a video of someone measuring you.  Measured at chest, waist, hips, bicep and thigh.

5-    Weekly Workout Challenges:  Each challenge is accomplished and documented with a post to Challenge Facebook page.

6-    Grand prizes are awarded to overall winner of all participants.  We reserve the right to adjust cash prizes based on participation.

NASM Certified Trainers:

Teresa Peacock | 801-510-7294 |

Heather Carter | 801-864-5503 |

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How to My Fitness Pal

1.    To use My Fitness Pal for food logging.  Food logging will be required.   We will discuss this in detail tomorrow.

2.    Download the My fitness Pal APP.  You can also access your account online at

3.    Set your goals.  The AP will take them and generate a suggested daily calorie guide.  This is a good starting point.  We can adjust as we move along.

4.    Send trainer a friend request using email address.

5.    Go to Settings. Sharing and Privacy.  Diary Sharing.  Mark Friends Only.

6.    This will allow me to see your food.

7.    Get logging.  It will take a bit of effort as you start.  It will build your database and it gets easier every day.