Get in the rhythm of fitness with Zumba! Your West Haven Zumba instructors, Amy and Jaima, will combine Latin inspired dance movies with aerobic exercises to help you burn away calories. Perhaps you don’t have any familiarity with Cha Cha or Salsa dancing. That’s fine! Zumba steps are easy to follow as they naturally flow to the music.

With high-energy moves and an all-female support network, Zumba classes in West Haven at Lady Fitness are a great way to work out in comfort and style. Listen to a mix of pop music and Latin inspired beats as your instructor guides you through knee kicks, arm waves, shimmies, and hip rotations. If you enjoy losing yourself in the rhythm of dance, then Zumba classes in West Haven are the perfect circuit to add to your fitness routine.

Stop on by Lady Fitness in West Haven for all female dance classes and gym facilities! Our Zumba classes are built around helping women get healthy!